Your Vote Can Give Pinal County Newer, Safer Roads. Yes on Props 416 And 417!

Yes on Propositions 416 and 417

Your Vote Matters As We Decide Whether Pinal County Gets The New Roads And Freeways It Deserves AND Needs

Pinal County's future is on the line. Our traffic problems won't be solved by ignoring them.

You have the ability to solve these problems and create a better future for your children and grandchildren.

Voting Yes on Propositions 416 AND 417 will ensure Pinal County's transportation needs are met now and into the future by building a series of new roads and freeways designed to get residents from one end of the county to the other, designed to keep traffic moving, designed to keep you safer.

There's funds for Dial-A-Ride services for seniors and the disabled.

These projects will give Pinal County the infrastructure to attract job creators so more residents can live AND work in Pinal County.

The price tag is 24 cents a day per household. It's a half cent increase in the sales tax which means visitors passing through and visiting Pinal County will contribute.

These new roads and freeways will keep us all safer by reducing accidents and improving response times for police and fire so they can reach residents faster when minutes count.

That's why your vote counts. These improvements won't happen unless you vote Yes on Propositions 416 AND 417.

Projects include:

  • The expansion of Highway 347 from four lanes to six lanes north of Maricopa

  • The East-West Parkway connecting Maricopa and Casa Grande

  • The North-South Parkway from Apache Junction through San Tan Valley running south of Coolidge and connecting to Interstate 10

  • The Selma Highway in Casa Grande from Thornton Road to the west to the future North-South Parkway to the East

  • The State Route 24 Parkway spanning from Ironwood Drive to the new North-South Parkway

  • The Casa Grande Connector at Korsten/Kleck Road connecting Casa Grande to the North South Parkway as well as an interchange at Interstate 10

Go to to view the complete list of projects.