Why Are Phoenix Special Interests Trying To Keep Pinal County Down?

Yes on Propositions 416 and 417

Are Phoenix Area Special Interests Afraid Of Economic Competition?
Maybe That's Why They Are Fighting Props 416 and 417 And New Roads And Freeways For All Of Us.

Pinal County is emerging as an economic force, but its lack of new roads and freeways is getting in the way. That's why LOCAL business leaders, government leaders, and local residents support Propositions 416 and 417, which will improve traffic flows, improve public safety and provide the infrastructure that attracts job providers.

This is a transportation plan written by and for Pinal County.

Curiously the opposition to 416 and 417 is being backed by the Phoenix-based dark money group calling itself "The Free Enterprise Club." This organization is fighting Props 416 and 417 in a very vocal way but it remains silent about who is cutting the checks for these efforts. Why? Is it because some well-heeled special interests in Phoenix don't want to compete with an emerging Pinal County for new jobs and economic growth?

Why are these outsiders so against the prospect of Pinal County residents getting the roads and freeways they need and deserve, just like other counties have?

Pinal County is a growing economic force, but its roads and freeways can't handle current traffic and future economic opportunities. The current road system slows the flow of goods and services. And in some cases the road system is downright dangerous. Traffic fatalities and serious accidents have been on a big rise over the past decade.

It's time to change the narrative. Fight the Phoenix special interests that want to keep Pinal County's economy, and you, in the slow lane.

Send in your mail in ballot and vote yes on Propositions 416 and 417 and please do it before November 7th and show these outsiders we're going to get Pinal County moving in the right direction.