Too Many Fatalities. Not Enough Safe Roads. Why Props 416 And 417 Matter For All Of Pinal County.

Yes on Propositions 416 and 417

Your YES Vote On Props 416 And 417 Can Build Newer Safer Roads and Prevent More Tragedies

Over the past 10 years, Pinal County has seen more than 325 fatal accidents and nearly 880 serious injury crashes, and more than 19,000 accidents.

On October 18th three major collisions left three people dead and three injured. One crash killed two people and injured another on State Route 347 north of Maricopa. Another crash in Coolidge caused the death of an Arizona Department of Corrections employee. There was a serious crash on Ironwood that backed up traffic for hours. That crash left the pregnant daughter of a County Supervisor stuck in traffic for 90 minutes as she was on her way to have her baby delivered.

The dangerous conditions on roads and freeways in Pinal County was a major reason the Pinal County Board of Supervisors decided to put Props 416 and 417 on the ballot because new roads and freeways are desperately needed. That's why these measures have the endorsements of our Sheriff and County Attorney, in addition to every member of the Board of Supervisors, nearly every mayor in Pinal County and almost every Chamber of Commerce.

Please vote YES on both propositions and send in your mail in ballot before November 7th.

Passing Props 416 and 417 won't put an end to fatal accidents in Pinal County. Nothing could do that. But these measures will prevent many accidents by providing new ways to travel in and through Pinal County by widening and expanding existing roadways. For a look at all of the projects click here.

These propositions will reduce traffic jams allowing residents to get home from work sooner, allowing first responders to reach you faster, and allowing expectant moms to get to the hospital on time.

Pinal Central recently acknowledged how the passage of Props 416 and 417 could prevent accidents. Here is a link to that editorial.

Please votes YES on Props 416 and 417 and mail in your ballot before November 7th. For a safer Pinal County.