Make Outsiders Pay

Yes on Propositions 416 and 417

As you may be aware, Phoenix-based dark money special interest groups are trying to deny you the new roads and freeways that will improve the quality of life for every Pinal County resident.

That's offensive enough because everyone knows how much we need more access onto and off I-10 and U.S. 60, and in and out of our communities like Propositions 416 and 417 will make possible.

But the benefits of these votes on the November 7th ballot don't stop there. That's because a lot of the new roads and freeways would be paid by those from outside Pinal County, spending money at our businesses. Every time someone buys a coffee, a gift, eats at a restaurant or something else, THEY are paying for YOUR new roads and freeways. This is different from a property tax in which you, as a homeowner, are paying. Instead, you only pay one-half of one cent more when spending money in Pinal County and you benefit when friends, relatives, truckers or any others passing through Pinal County spend money too.

So, let's make outsiders from Phoenix pay for interfering in our elections by voting Yes on your mail ballot before November 7th and then enjoy outsiders paying for a lot of your new roads and freeways to help us get places faster and safer.

Remember to return your mail ballot before November 7th to ensure your vote counts!