In Their Own Words. Pinal County Leaders Tell Us Why New Roads And Freeways Are Needed Now.

Yes on Propositions 416 and 417

How Pinal County Can Move In The Right Direction: Compelling Reasons To Vote Yes on Props 416 And 417

Have you sent in your mail in ballot on Propositions 416 and 417? Election Day is November 7th and more and more leaders are speaking out in support.

Indeed, the word has been spreading about new roads and freeways and why yes votes on Propositions 416 are 417 are needed to keep our roads safer, keep traffic moving, and to keep our economy moving in the right direction. That's why so many people who care about Pinal County are speaking out. People like Apache Junction Mayor Jeff Serdy who recently wrote, "Propositions 416/417 are the best bet to finally get a relief route to the South so that traffic could flow freely during Renaissance Festival season, or in the event of an emergency blockage." Here is a link to his editorial.

416 and 417 create a series of roads and freeways in Pinal County designed to keep traffic moving now and into the future.

Casa Grande Mayor Craig McFarland says Props 416 and 417 will create jobs and reduce public safety response times. See for yourself in this video.

Coolidge Mayor Jon Thompson agrees and he tells us why in this video.

San Tan Valley resident and Pinal County Supervisor Mike Goodman is also on the record in support. Click here to see his message.

The Chairman of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors, Steve Miller says Props 416 and 417 deliver the right plan at the right time. Click here to see his editorial.

Why are so many LOCAL leaders speaking out for Propositions 416 and 416? Because they care about the safety, quality of life, and economic opportunities for the people they serve. And they want to reduce all the traffic fatalities and serious accidents that have increased in recent years, especially on the county's two-lane highways.

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