"Better transportation infrastructure is a big need in Pinal County. We appreciate voters taking this step with us to improve it. More jobs, better public safety, safer roads and an enhanced quality of life will be the result. It was a robust debate over the past couple of months. The many voices should be commended for weighing in. We hope all will now be respectful of the will of our more than 40,000 people that cast ballots.

As Chairman of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors, I can assure everyone that we will move forward swiftly and efficiently to make these new roads and freeways a reality as soon as possible."

- Steve Miller, Chairman, New Roads & Freeways Before It's Too Late: Yes on Propositions 416 and 417 and Chairman, Pinal County Board of Supervisors

Election Day | November 7, 2017


  • Selma Highway

    A four-lane roadway in Casa Grande from Thornton Road to the west to the future North-South Parkway to the East, located near the City of Coolidge and connecting to Florence, San Tan Valley and Apache Junction/Gold Canyon.

  • State Route 347 in Maricopa

    Expansion of the principal roadway from four lanes to six lanes into Maricopa between the Pinal-Maricopa County line to the North, and the municipal boundary of the City of Maricopa to the south.

  • State Route 24 Parkway through San Tan Valley

    A new four-mile long four-lane east-west parkway between State Route 24 at Ironwood Road to the West, and the future alignment of the North-South Parkway to the East.

  • Kortsen/Kleck Road Alignment

    Also referred to as the "Casa Grande Connector," this 14 mile project involves the widening of this road from two lanes to four lanes from Henness Road to the West, located in the City of Casa Grande, to the North-South Parkway to the East connecting Coolidge and Florence and Apache Junction/Gold Canyon.

  • I-10 Traffic Interchange

    The Kortsen/Kleck Road Alignment in Casa Grande involves a new traffic interchange at I-10 to better facilitate traffic.

  • Cordones Road

    The new road, located in the southern Pinal County community of Saddlebrooke, is a 1.5 miles long, north-south, two-lane minor arterial roadway facility to alleviate existing traffic concerns.

  • Thornton Road

    Four mile widening of Thornton Road in Casa Grande from two lanes to four lanes, from State Route 84 to the north, to Interstate 8 to the south.

  • Peters Road

    Important one mile road improvement in Casa Grande to assist additional "regional" economic development project in a high job growth area.

  • East-West Corridor Between Maricopa and Casa Grande

    The 21 mile four-lane project will begin at State Route 347 in the city of Maricopa and extend east through northern Casa Grande to I-10.

  • Montgomery Road

    Eight miles of improvements to the Montgomery Road Corridor from the East-West Corridor to the North, located in the City of Casa Grande, to Interstate 8 to the South.

  • North-South Parkway between Apache Junction/Gold Canyon/Florence/Coolidge/Casa Grande and I-10

    New construction of a 36 mile, north-south, four-lane highway between U.S. Highway 60 in the City of Apache Junction to the north and connecting to the I-10 via the 14 mile corridor to Kortsen/Kleck Road south of Coolidge to Casa Grande.

  • North-South Parkway Right of Way

    Purchase of additional right of way for the remainder of the North-South Parkway by purchasing 15 miles from Kortsen/Kleck Road to the north to I-10 on the south near Eloy to connect with I-10.

  • West Pinal Freeway/ROW Preservation

    Right of way acquisition for the West Pinal Freeway corridor, from the Pinal-Maricopa County line to the west, and Interstate 8 to the south.

  • Superior, Mammoth, Kearny, and Eloy Transportation Projects

    Six million dollars will be allocated to each of these smaller communities in Pinal County for local road projects. The annual appropriation will be $300,000 to each community for 20 years.

  • Dial-a-Ride for Seniors and the Disabled

    Provision of annual funding for Dial-a-Ride services to assist people with disabilities, seniors, and members of the general public.

  • Parking Lot Projects

    New Park and Ride lots will be constructed to ease commutes.


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